Incident of bank deposit theft

Recently, the incident of the disappearance of money from bank fixed accounts for no reason has become more and more serious, especially the recent incident of the disappearance of RM18,000 from the fixed account of Ipoh Chinese Women’s Bank, which urges the government, Bank Negara and related units to pay close attention.

Lawyer Maxine held aerobics activity in USJ 1, and interacted with residents of subang jaya through exercise.

Lawyer Maxine, Vice Chairman of the MAJU Branch, held aerobics activity at USJ 1 Laman Sukan this past Sunday to interact and communicate with the residents of Subang Jaya through exercise. The attendees responded enthusiastically that day, and they also shared with Lawyer Maxine the local issues in Subang Jaya and their views on Malaysian politics. On that day, under the leadership of Ms Lee Chew Heong, Ms. Irene and Ms. Lilian, the residents of Subang Jaya had aerobic fitness exercise for an hour and a half. Lawyer Maxine said that this is the first time to interact with residents through sports since the re-opening of our country’s economy in various fields. The aerobics will be held at USJ 1 Laman Sukan every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30 to 8 pm. Those who are interested can go to participate. On the day of the event, residents of Subang Jaya also expressed to Lawyer Maxine that the issue of inflation is serious, and hoped that the government would pay more attention on this issue. Now the rising prices, especially food, have increased the burden on residents. At the same time, residents also expressed concern about the issue of rising gasoline prices, and hoped that the government could continue to subsidize RON 95 gasoline so as not to increase the burden of living. Lawyer Maxine said that she would convey the opinions of the residents of Subang Jaya to the party leaders.

Lawyer Maxine invited by ISHAM JALIL to attend townhall on Malaysia’s 15th General Election

Vice Chairman of MCA Subang Maju Branch, Lawyer Maxinewas invited by Isham Jalil, Special Officer to former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, to attend the townhall held at UMNO Building on June 23, 2022 to discuss regarding Malaysia 15th General Election. Isham Jalil believes that the 15th General Election should not be delayed any longer, because only a politically stable country can bring stable development to our country’s economy, and today’s inflation will only lead to social misery. Isham Jalil has repeatedly emphasized that in addition to the B40 low-income group in need of assistance, the M40 middle-class group also needs assistance. He believes that dealing with inflation is a top priority, and when it comes to chicken supply problems, he believes that setting a ceiling price will cause chicken farmers to sell less chickens because the high feed price for raising chickens will lead to higher costs for chickens. This is because most of the chicken feed is imported from foreign countries, and the weakening of the ringgit has also directly led to an increase in the price of chicken feed, so he believes that it is imperative to stabilize the ringgit.

MCA Subang Maju Branch Vice Chairman Successfully Rescued Four(4) Trafficked Malaysian Citizens From Myanmar

MCA Subang Maju Branch Vice Chairman , Lawyer Maxine Khoo had received ‘SOS’ requests via her Facebook Page ‘LAWYER MAXINE 邱律师‘ from 4 Malaysian citizens that have allegedly been smuggled into Myanmar by syndicate to carry out ‘Scam works’ for the syndicate. Upon receiving such request, Khoo tried her best to collect all the personal information of the four victims and other required information. Upon collecting all the required information, she immediately assisted them by first lodging police report at USJ 8 police station on 17th May 2022 and thereafter started to deal with authorities. After hard work of around a month, the four victims had successfully been saved and landed safely on Malaysian soil in the afternoon hours of 24th June 2022, which is last Friday.

All these efforts are carried out clandestinely by Khoo together with her team throughout the period of one month to avoid drawing unnecessary attention and it was only revealed to public after four of them successfully landed in Malaysia.

MCA Subang Maju Branch successfully co-organised “Town Hall with Isham Jalil”

The political discussion on ‘National Current Issues’ had been successfully organised by NGO Next Gen Link together with co-organiser MCA Subang Maju Branch on yesterday. The discussion was initiated by Lawyer Maxine Khoo being the Vice Chairman of Maju Branch in Subang Jaya with the presence of Mr Isham Jalil, UMNO Supreme Council member, MCA Selangor State Liaison Committee Chairman Dato Ng Chok Sin together with YB Senator Dato Arman Azha Bin Abu Hanifah, who is also the UMNO Subang Division Chief.

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