Lawyer Maxine visited the Pasar SS15 to understand current goods price situation

Media Statement: Lawyer Maxine visited the Pasar SS15 to understand current goods price situation

Maxine Khoo, the Chairman of the Publicity Bureau of the Subang MCA Youth, and together with the Chairman of the MCA Youth Public Service and Complaint Bureau, Ong Sin Teong and MCA Youth member, visited the Pasar SS15 .Due to the inflation, the people life is getting harder, so they decided to go to the market to inspect the prices.

One of the Malay hawkers who sells chickens told Lawyer Maxine that the supply of chickens was gradually decreasing, and the size of chickens was getting smaller and smaller, making it difficult to do business. He hopes that the government can help chicken farmers to solve the problem of chicken supply and price. Lawyer Maxine also asked the resident nearby and they also believed that the items on the market, especially the ingredients, such as flour, cooking oil and broiler chickens, were either facing price increases or were out of stock. This will lead to a high cost of living for each household and increase the burden on the people.

Lawyer Maxine believes that the government should find out the reasons for the shortage of chicken supply in the short term and encourage the development of local agriculture. This can reduce our country’s dependence on import food while increasing our employment opportunities. The government’s food subsidy is only a short-term plan. In the long run, we still have to rely on our own food production. Regarding flour that also facing price rising issue, Lawyer Maxine urged the public to distinguish between subsidized and non-subsidized prices. Since National Action Council on Cost of Living (NACCOL) cannot control the prices of non-subsidized items, if anyone finds that the prices of items have skyrocketed, they can contact the relevant authorities to report on the pricing issue in order for the relevant authority to take action.

Thank you.

MCA MAJU Branch Secreteriat


Visiting Pasar ss15 Photo

Lawyer Maxine (Middle), Mr Ong Sin Teong (Right)


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