Lawyer Maxine Khoo, P.J.K.'s Biodata + Media Report

Maxine Khoo, P.J.K. (Chinese Name: 邱爱婷, Nickname: Lawyer Maxine) is a Malaysian lawyer, entrepreneur and politician. She is also the Founder and Chairman of the NGO, Next Gen Link. She is currently the Deputy Secretary General of MCA YOUTH Malaysia, Deputy Secretary of MCA YOUTH Selangor, MCA YOUTH Subang Division Chairman and MCA YOUTH Subang Divisional Information Bureau Chief. As a member of politics, Khoo puts forward her views on current people’s livelihood and political issues from time to time in her facebook, youtube and also tiktok.

Background and Career

Maxine Khoo was born in Penang, Malaysia, and later moved to the Klang Valley for her career. Now she lives in Subang Jaya. She received her education at S.M.J.K. Perempuan China, Penang and completed her Bachelor of Laws at the National University of Malaysia (UKM). Now, she is an advocate and solicitor in Malaysia.

Politics Career

Maxine Khoo joined MCA because of her family’s influence. She once served as Chief of the Information Bureau for MCA Youth Subang Division and she now also often publishes videos and articles on social media such as on Facebook and YouTube channels from time to time.

media report (Prior 10th June 2023)

MCA Subang Maju Branch Vice Chairperson Successfully Saved Four(4) Trafficked Malaysian Citizens From Myanmar

MCA Subang Maju Branch Vice Chairman , Lawyer Maxine Khoo had received ‘SOS’ requests via her Facebook Page ‘LAWYER MAXINE 邱律’  from four Malaysian citizens that have allegedly been smuggled into Myanmar by syndicate to carry out ‘Scam works’ for the syndicate. Upon receiving such request, Khoo tried her best to collect all the personal information of the four victims and other required information. Upon collecting all the required information, she immediately assisted them by first lodging police report at USJ 8 police station on 17th May 2022 and thereafter started to dealing with authorities. After hard work of around a month, the four victims had successfully been saved and landed safely on Malaysian soil in the afternoon hours of 24th June 2022, which is last Friday.


Lawyers Maxine Khoo (Left) and Ong Sin Teong (Right) have filed a police report on this case at USJ Police Station 8

All these efforts are carried out clandestinely by Khoo together with her team throughout the period of one month to avoid drawing unnecessary attention and it was only revealed to public after four of them successfully landed in Malaysia.

It all started off with benevolent intention when Khoo realized that there were many youths being scammed to overseas on the promise of high salary but later found out they were cheated when they reached there. She subsequently made a video and posted on her page on 1st May 2022 to let those alleged victims to leave comments so that she can try her best to help them.

On 9th May 2022, She received one ‘SOS’ request from a lady who only wanted to be identified as Ms Lim. According to the accounts of Ms Lim, she was first taken by the syndicate from Johor Bahru with two other victims to Terengganu. Upon reaching Terengganu, another male victim joined them and they were jointly brought to Thailand. The initial plan by the syndicate was for them to work in Thailand and Laos. One of them died due to infection of Covid-19 when in Thailand and thereafter all of them were rejected to work in Thailand and Laos.  Having no any other option, Ms Lim together with the surviving ones were later smuggled into Myanmar to work as Scammers. During the course of contact between Lawyer Khoo and Ms Lim, Ms.Lim revealed that they were three other Malaysian victims in the same compound with her. Upon hearing that, Khoo said she wanted to save three of them as well.

To avoid any further media coverage that would expose the victims’ identities publicy, Khoo did not arrange reporters at the airport to interview the victims and she had only invited them for a dinner on 25th June 2022 to listen and to further understand their terrible experiences during the course of few months when being forced to work as scammers in Myanmar.

According to four of them, all the victims are in the range of 28 to 42 years old and all of them are being cheated by the social media’s advertisement posted by the syndicate that promising high salary. Upon reaching the destination, they only realized what they needed to do was online scamming, and the scamming targets are of Overseas Chinese, Europeans and Americans and they would be assigned into respective groups where one group will be led by a leader to monitor their works. The salary was not as high as promised by the syndicate as shown on the website, and if they fail to achieve scamming target, they would be punished. If anyone tried to escape, the person would also be punished. Punishment would be in the likes of terribly beaten up and handcuffed to be exposed to sun lights for an entire day. Therefore after witnessing what had happened, four of them did not dare to escape.

The working hour is a continuous 14 hours and leave is only one day per month. There are entertainment facility and mini market in the compound but these are paid facilities. They would need buy their articles for daily use and toiletries from the mini market using their hard-earned salaries.  

According to another account of one male victim, he and his friends were first arranged by smugglers to Bangkok Thailand, thereafter they were driven up to border of Thailand and Myanmar, and they were then smuggled into Myanmar by boats. When they realized something was amiss, it was already too late. They were smuggled into a compound in Myanmar to work and that compound is very big which can accommodate hundreds of people. Thereafter the Chinese Scam Leader, a China citizen, will assign them to stay in a room which can accommodate 10 persons and there are many such rooms at there. Each of them would then be given ‘food money’ for an equivalent amount of RM 1250 for them to buy food, and their handphones would be confiscated by the syndicate.  The aforementioned Ms Lim was very fortunate that she managed to grab her phone and contacted Lawyer Khoo to seek for help.

According to them, the modus operandi of the syndicate was to first fishing for targets online, and cheated them using well-orchestrated scripts. Four of them felt terrible with the arrangement and did not have the heart to keep doing this scamming works and thereafter contacting Lawyer Khoo for help. With the assistance from Lawyer Khoo and with the co-operation of Myanmar authorities, they finally returned safely to Malaysia and had also agreed to join MCA as they feel that MCA is a party who can serve the rakyat.

As a conclusion, Khoo would also like to express her gratitude to the assistance of all quarters, including Malaysian embassy on Myanmar and Interpol in helping four of them to safely return to Malaysia.

In addition, Lawyer Maxine Khoo has also received an interview on radio station AiFM regarding this issue.

Picture with the victims rescued by Khoo

Media Report : Guang Ming DailyKwong Wah Yit Poh | China Press | Sin Chew Daily | Ai FM – Temu Ramah

Bank Deposit theft case

Lawyer Maxine Khoo often voiced her views on current issues such as issues about customers’ money in banks being illegally stolen in various Malaysian Chinese media.

Maxine Khoo expressed her opinion in Nanyang Siang Pau on 5 June 2022 and said recent incidents of money disappearing from bank fixed accounts for no reason have become more serious, including a recent complaint by a Chinese woman in Ipoh. that RM18,000 in the bank’s fixed account has disappeared. Therefore, Lawyer Maxine urges the government, Bank Negara Malaysia and related units to pay attention to this serious issue.

In response to the bank’s current practice of not issuing bank book for personal fixed bank accounts, Maxine Khoo asked if the old method could be used to cover Internet banking to avoid the risks inherent in the online system, but was told by bank staff that it was not possible.

“The bank staff also informed that as long as the fixed account is in the name of an individual, the bank will not give any bank book, but rather operate through the bank’s network system. However, if the fixed account is jointly signed, the bank will give a bank book.

Maxine Khoo in the news also said, many victims have complained to the bank and reported the case to the police according to procedure, but because it is impossible to know whether it is a problem with the banking system or the victim’s mobile phone has been hacked, eventually the fraudster cannot be traced and the money is lost also cannot be returned.

She in the news also said that people’s bank deposits are often stolen should be taken seriously and the National Bank, the police and other relevant units should act immediately and carry out a thorough investigation, instead of letting the problem continue, causing everyone to lose confidence in our country’s banking system

Media Report : Nan Yang Siang Pau 

Anti Hopping Law and “Recall Election” legal issues

Since the fall of the Pakatan Harapan government in 2020, Malaysians have gradually become disillusioned with the country’s democratic system. In order to avoid the Sheraton movement from happening again, it is necessary for the Malaysian Parliament to enact an anti-hopping law or “Recall Election” law in the Malaysian Constitution.

On 23 March 2022, Lawyer Maxine Khoo stated in the Oriental Daily that the anti-hopping law or the “Recall Election” law should be proposed before the end of this season’s parliamentary session to restore the people’s confidence in the country’s democratic system.

Lawyer Maxine Khoo in a news report also pointed out that if a political party has many political frogs during its reign, in a very unstable situation, then the party coalition must not be able to form a government that can function properly in its five years of administration, because there is too much uncertainty in the middle of the reign, and the governance could not achieve its effect at all. In addition, he also emphasised that “the anti-hopping law is not a new law in Malaysia. Various states such as Kelantan, Sabah, Sarawak and Penang have revised their state constitutions to enact anti-party-hopping laws .”

She also asserted, “However, in 1991, the Kuala Lumpur High Court ruled that Kelantan’s anti-party jumping law was unconstitutional because it violated Article 1(c) Chapter 10 of the Constitution (protecting the people’s freedom of association); Or the “Recall Election” law must amend Article 10 1(c) of the Federal Constitution and must obtain two-thirds approval in Parliament, but the government should actively address the issue.

Therefore, Lawyer Maxine Khoo in the news said, whether it is the anti-hopping law or the “Recall Election” law, parliamentarians, the ruling party and the opposition have reached a consensus on anti-hopping, which is also the hope of all voters across the country. Therefore, the government should submit an anti-hopping law or a law on “Recall Election” to Parliament as soon as possible before the next general election, to prevent politicians from manipulating public opinion and affecting the country’s democratic process.

In addition, lawyer Maxine Khoo also had a radio interview on 988 FM on this topic.

Media Report : Oriental Daily 

The issue of cleaning up the USJ 1 Subang Jaya Industrial area after the flood

On 22 March 2022, Maxine Khoo went to inspect the situation after receiving a complaint from a businessman in USJ Industrial Zone 1. Businessman Mr. Phoon said his company suffered a loss of about RM 1 million in December 2021 due to continuous heavy rains and caused flooding in the USJ Industrial Area. In March 2022, the flood hit the area again causing Mr. Phoon to suffer a loss of approximately RM300,000. The news report has also shown that Mr. Phoon lamented that bad luck and the economy is badly affected by Covid-19, and it is not easy for businesses to survive the declining economy, and the two major floods not only destroyed his inventory, and indirectly causing the company’s order to be terminated, making the situation even worse.

Lawyer Maxine Khoo inspected the scene and found that the trees on the other side of the river were hung high with rubbish from the flood, and had not been cleared after the disaster.

Flooded roads in industrial areas were not cleaned after the flood

Lawyer Maxine Khoo, accompanied by Mr Phoon, inspected the USJ Industrial Area 1. Mr Phoon said that he had experienced two major floods within three months, causing businesses in the area to move out of the area and seek alternative livelihoods elsewhere. Mr. Phoon expressed his concern that the flash flood problem in Selangor has not yet been resolved, and he hoped that the parties concerned could resolve this flash flood problem as soon as possible.

At 3:00 pm, most of the shops are still locked, very quiet, and most of the shops are also starting to move out of this industrial area to avoid being disturbed by the flood again.

Lawyer Maxine Khoo pointed out that the industrial area had a flood control pond behind Section USJ 1/14, so even if it rained heavily, only the area near the flood control pond would have accumulated water, and the industrial area would not face flooding problems. However, after the flood control pond was built, the USJ Industrial Area 1 began to face frequent flash floods, but the situation at that time was still not serious.

Garbage left on the side of the road due to the flood, was not cleaned up after the disaster


The trees on the other side of the river had garbage hanging high on the trees, and it was not cleaned after the disaster.

Lawyer Maxine Khoo also said in the report that if the situation continues to deteriorate, the construction of flood control ponds is one of the solutions to this problem. Although it has been several weeks of flooding, the roads are still littered with rubbish, and there are still traces of flood silt on the side of the road, and now, sand and dust are billowing when cars drive by. Looking towards the forest in the distance from the other side of the river, you can also see the garbage hanging high on the trees due to the flood. Lawyer Maxine Khoo also said she would help local businesses report their concerns to the relevant authorities. He hoped that the concerned parties could help local businesses as soon as possible, and at the same time called for volunteer teams to go to the local area to help clean up the area after the flood.

Media Report : China Press  | Sin Chew Daily

The issue of the Malaysian Parliament approving amendments to the Employment Law

Malaysia’s Ministry of Human Resources approved the Employment (Amendment) Bill 2021 on 21 March 2022, and proposed to include relevant protections afforded to workers by working from home into the amendment. The proposed amendment involves 46 clauses, including 28 amended clauses and 10 new clauses and 6 repealed clauses

In a report by Oriental Daily on 25 March 2022, Lawyer Maxine Khoo gave her views on the approval of the Employment Act Amendment made by Parliament. According to news reports, the Malaysian Parliament passed the third reading of the Employment (Amendment) Act 2021 on March 21, increasing paid maternity leave for women from the current 90 days to 98 days, and men enjoying 7 days of paid paternity leave, but Lawyer Maxine Khoo said, this is not suitable for every business and urges the government to review Section 44.

According to news reports, she has received many inquiries on the subject of the 98-day maternity leave. Lawyer Maxine Khoo also pointed out that the Employment (Amendment) Act 2021 passed the third reading in the House of Representatives, increasing women’s paid leave from 90 days to 98 days, and men can enjoy 7 days of paid maternity leave, this bill may not suitable for use in every business.

In addition, he also expressed his opinion, “Amendment (First Schedule), one of the definitions of an employee is a person who has signed a service contract with an employer. According to the contract, the salary is not more than RM2,000 per month.”

“When an employee exceeds RM2,000, the employee will not be entitled to 98 days of maternity leave for women and 7 days of paid maternity leave for men.”

He said the original section 44A of the Labor Act 1955 stated that “maternity leave applies to all female employees regardless of salary”, but the amendment removed this clause, which meant that when a female employee’s salary exceeded RM2,000, the employee would not be entitled to maternity leave 98 day for women.

Lawyer Maxine Khoo also mentioned in the news report that if male workers want to enjoy 7 days of paid maternity leave, they must meet the following conditions: First, 7 days of paid maternity leave is limited to the first to fifth pregnancies; Second, male employees must have worked in the same company for not less than 12 months; Third, the male employee must notify the employer 30 days before his wife’s due date or notify the employer as soon as possible after the wife gives birth.

In addition, Lawyer Maxine Khoo also stated that in the Employmetnt (Amendment) Act 2021, there is a new article 41A which states that “When a female employee is pregnant, or suffers from an illness due to pregnancy, the employer cannot fire her, unless the female employee intentionally violates the terms of the contract employment, or the employer closes the business.

In a news report, she stated that this new provision could protect pregnant women. At the same time, he also urged the government to re-examine the repeal of Article 44A of the Employment Act, because the repeal of this provision will cause the amendment to be unable to achieve its real effect.

Because this issue involves various aspects that affect workers throughout Malaysia, this issue has also been reported by Sin Chew Daily, Oriental Daily and Kwong Wah Yit Poh.

Media Report : Sin Chew Daily | Oriental Daily | Kwong Wah Yit Poh.

“Timah” issue

According to a Nanyang Siang Pau report on 30 October 2021, Maxine Khoo has given her views on the issue of a PKR Member of Parliament who has been accused of politicizing an international award-winning whiskey brand called “Timah” and has distorted the facts.

Lawyer Maxine Khoo, former Chief of MCA Youth Subang Information Bureau, has insisted that the definition of “Timah” in any Malay dictionary means tin mine, and has never been associated with any Malay woman. The name of this whiskey brand suddenly got various interpretations, and it was even maliciously slandered by politicians to satirize Malay women and religious sensitivities.

Lawyer Maxine Khoo also asked back on this topic, if according to the logic of the members mentioned above, many brands that use personal names in the market today need to be renamed? Are users not allowed to use Kacip Fatimah and Tongkat Ali, otherwise everyone eats Fatimah and Ali, and it disrespects them?

In the news report, she said that Malaysia has a good image of its secular system of multi-ethnic, cultural and religious integration on the international stage, and it has also enjoyed the fruits of many foreign investment enterprises over the years. Therefore, she hopes that members of Parliament will strive to use the democratic political system continuously to promote the reform and progress of the country, so that the people of all ethnic groups will continue to enjoy a harmonious and prosperous future.

Media Report : Nan Yang Siang Pau

Newspaper & Media Report

Issue regarding helping victim of human trafficking 

(22.10.2022, 23.10.2022)

Sin Chew Daily (22.10.2022) 
Sin Chew Daily(22.10.2022)

China Press (23.10.2022)

Media Report :China PressSee Hua Daily NewsOriental DailySin Chew DailyKwong Wah Yit Poh

Issue regarding child custody of complainant

(19.10.2022, 20.10.2022)

China Press (19.10.2022)

Sin Chew Daily(20.10.2022)

Media Report : Kwong Wah Yit PohChina Press | Sin Chew Daily

townhall session with isham jalil


Sin Chew Daily (22.09.2022)

Oriental Daily (21.09.2022)

Media Report : The Malaysian InsightThe Star | FREE MALAYSIA TODAY | MYKMU.NET | MSNMalaysiaKini | Oriental Daily

1) Money theft issue in E-Wallet (15.09.2022)


Media Report : See Hua Daily | Nan Yang Siang Pau | Kwong Wah Yit PohSin Chew Daily

2) Town Hall Session with Isham Jalil (14.09.2022 & 16.09.2022)


Media Report: Sin Chew Daily

3) “ONLINE SCAM” Issue (12.09.2022 & 13.09.2022)

Media Report: Kwong Wah Yit Poh | Oriental Daily | China Press | Sin Chew Daily

4) ISSUE of Phone numbers being hacked for scam purposes (07.09.2022 & 08.09.2022)


Media Report: China Press | Sin Chew Daily

5)Launch of MAJU BRANCH Online Service Center (05.08.2022 & 06.08.2022)


Media Report: Nan Yang Siang Pau | Sin Chew Daily

6) Participation in activities with MCA YOUTH (31.07.2022 & 01.08.2022)

7) Donation to old folks’ homes with MCA YOUTH (13.07.2022)

8) The rescue of 4 Malaysians who were smuggled to Myanmar (27.06.2022)



Laporan Media: Guang Ming Daily | China Press | Kwong Wah Yit Poh | Sin Chew Daily

9) Interaction activities with the people of Subang Jaya (19.06.2022)



Media Report: Nan Yang Siang Pau

11) Lawyer Maxine Khoo visited SS15 Market to recognize the situation of rising prices of goods due to inflation (31.05.2022)

12) Lawyers Maxine and Ong Sin Teong made police report at the USJ 8 police station to save Malaysians trafficked overseas  (18.05.2022)

Media Report: Kwong Wah Yit Poh

13) donation to pertubuhan kebajikan orang tua yi xing  (08.05.2022)

14) Lawyer Maxine helps the elderly in Identification Card Applicaiton (10.04.2022)

15) Lawyer Maxine helps Subang Jaya citizens who complain about trees that are too tall and endanger traffic (01.04.2022)

16) Lawyer Maixine gives her views on the Employment  (Amendment) act (25.03.2022)

Media Report: Oriental DailySin Chew DailyKwong Wah Yit Poh

17) Lawyer Maxine hopes the government can enact an anti-hopping law (23.03.2022) + Interview by 988 fm regarding this issue

Media Report: Oriental Daily988 FM Temu Ramah 

18)The issue of cleaning up the USJ 1 Subang Jaya Industrial area after the flood (21.03.2022)

Media Report: China PressSin Chew Daily

19)Courtesy Visit to Social Welfare Office Subang Jaya Branch 

20)visited Subang Jaya ss15 community hall which was used as a vaccination center (27.01.2022)

21)Helped Subang Jaya residents who complain about road problems (06.06.2022)

22)participated in the anti-scam video competition organized by mca youth (10.06.2022)


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