Incident of bank deposit theft

Media Statement:Incident of bank deposit theft

Recently, the incident of the disappearance of money from bank fixed accounts for no reason has become more and more serious, especially the recent incident of the disappearance of RM18,000 from the fixed account of an Ipoh Chinese Women’s Bank. Lawyer Maxine urges the government, Bank Negara and related authorities to pay close attention. Due to this issue, Lawyer Maxine, Vice chairman of Subang MAJU Branch, went to the bank to find out for more details

At present, banks no longer give receipts to personal fixed deposits as before, but only open accounts in the relevant bank’s online system so that bank users can check the information of their fixed accounts on the Internet. Bank users can only inquire about the information of their fixed account on the online system of the relevant bank, but also deposit and withdraw money to the fixed account through the online system of the relevant bank. Lawyer Maxine asked whether the bank could close the relevant fixed account on the Internet and asked the bank to issue a receipt for the fixed account, and choose to go to the bank to conduct transactions to avoid the risks existing in the network. The bank staff told Lawyer Maxine that it was not possible at present. The bank staff told Lawyer Maxine that as long as the fixed-term account is in the name of the individual, the bank will not give any receipts, but just open the account in the bank’s network system. The bank staff told Lawyer Maxine that the bank would only issue receipts and allow customers to conduct transactions if there is a joint name fixed deposit account.

Lawyer Maxine also said that many victims of similar incidents have complained to the bank and reported the case to the police according to the procedures. However, because it is impossible to know whether it is a problem with the banking system or the victim’s mobile phone has been hacked, the victim missing money cannot be tracked down in the end.

Lawyer Maxine said that people’s bank deposits are frequently stolen, and Bank Negara, police and other relevant authorities should carry out a thorough investigation, to prevent people to lose confidence in our country’s banking system. Lawyer Maxine further commented that she will negotiate with the team to assist victims with relevant units. If there are victims in such incident, please do not hesitate to contact Lawyer Maxine’s team at 011-54114789.

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